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In our interview with entrepreneur and CEO Joe De Sena, he shares his thoughts on the current state of capitalism and offered his suggestions for fixing its “flaws”. De Sena has a diverse background, having worked in finance at Blackrock and starting his own business, Spartan Race, a series of obstacle course races that has grown into a global phenomenon.

During the interview, De Sena expressed his support for capitalism but also acknowledged the challenges and flaws of the system. One of the main issues he identified was the power of money in politics, which allows those with financial resources to wield disproportionate influence. This can lead to policies and decisions that prioritize the interests of the wealthy over the needs of the general public. De Sena also highlighted the negative impact of companies selling toxic substances to consumers, which can have harmful consequences for both individuals and society as a whole.

To address these issues, De Sena suggested implementing a tax on toxic substances to offset their negative impact on society. This idea is consistent with his belief that individuals and businesses have a responsibility to consider the greater good and not just their own profits. De Sena emphasized that this does not mean abandoning capitalism, but rather finding ways to reform and improve the system to make it more equitable and sustainable for all.

De Sena also spoke about his experiences with Mark Cuban, the entrepreneur, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He shared his insights from his book “Ready for Anything,” which focuses on the importance of mental toughness and resilience in business and life. De Sena explains his suggestions are especially important and might even help solve some of the world’s problems.

For those who are familiar with De Sena, this interview offers a rare glimpse into the homelife of the obstacle racing icon, as it was shot in his Massachusetts home, with a feature from his dog, Ernie, named after the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton. Where he shares a tall tale about sharks and Shackleton. “He was surrounded by sharks, and we saved him”.