Are the United States, Energy & Banking Industry Colluding to Create Humanitarian Crisis for Worlds Largest Proven Oil Reserves?..

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We’ve all read the headlines and heard the pundits pontificate in regards to how socialism has failed Venezuela, yet every time someone says it there’s this awkward moment we seem to pass over in regards to if socialism failed, or if someone is purposefully subverting for profits.

Has anyone else seen “And There Will Be Blood”? A movie which finds the protagonist throwing out all morality, undermining communities and even his adopted son just to profit. While this was a movie, it is not based upon someones wild imagination, it’s based upon the behaviors and trends of an industry.

In this incredibly well-done video, Aaron Bastani, Senior Editor at Novaroo Media, breaks down the events in Venezuela with excellent clarity and attention to detail on the shaping of narrative through media by US and UK officials.

Reports show that Guaidó, who is backed by the United States and other western allies as the acting president, has moved to appoint a board over Citgo, and is seeking to nationalize Venezuela owned Citgo Petroleum.

Guaidó’s efforts show a clear strategy to remove nationalized ownership of oil reserves from the government of Venezuela, which clearly benefits private industry and the small group of wealthy individuals poised to profit by the return of a private energy market to struggling Venezuela.

On January 28, 2019, the U.S. government Department of Treasury took control of the assets of PdVSA (Citgo). Venezuela’s economic crisis has spiraled into a humanitarian crisis, directly linked to U.S. sanctions and policies that seek to undermine the nationalized oil industry of Venezuela.

In addition to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s efforts has been the unseen and often silent sanctions imposed by the banking sector, including Citibanks closing of Venezuelan bank accounts, seizure of gold assets and blockading of medical supply payments.

The United Nations Independent Expert and Investigator on Human Rights, Alfred De Zayas, found that the current tactics used against the nation of Venezuela may constitute a breach of Article 7 of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, as the economic sanctions amount to an act of aggression against a nation.

With growing U.S. pressure on the Maduro government to secede power, it seems likely that further soft-war tactics like the weaponizing of humanitarian aid will continue.

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Brad Fredricks is the Founder and Executive Editor of Surviving Capitalism. Covering stories around the world, Brad uses video, photo, and writing as his medium to capture and share human interest stories.
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