David vs. Goliath.. Verizon Sues Small Town For Saying No…

Posted on 3/5/2018 by

Leave it to the little guy to say no to the giant. In a widely popular community decision, the community of Cold Spring, NY (Phillipstown, NY) said no to Verizon installing a cell phone tower right next to the high school, middle school and elementary school.

Like a rapey brute not getting that “No means No”, Verizon took to the courts to sue the community for acting in an “arbitrary and capricious manner”. By “arbitrary and capricious”, apparently Verizon finds any organized community of concerned parents who popularly said no to be without warrant and impulsive, it begs to wonder what terms Verizon would find justified.

What is interesting is to see how a corporation is enforcing its will on the lives of the people who live in the community, asking the question, when can we say no to organized power as a community and when are the wishes of the community justification enough to say no?

For more details and further reading on the story, click here.

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Brad Fredricks is the Founder and Executive Editor of Surviving Capitalism. Covering stories around the world, Brad uses video, photo, and writing as his medium to capture and share human interest stories.
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