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Not so long ago I managed to get myself behind the scenes at United Nations in Geneva Switzerland. After spending a day walking about and reading about how much they care about democracy and even perhaps direct democracy I was dismayed when I discovered the U.N. had corporate sponsors.

The Global Finance and Tax reform meetings we’re literally sponsored by Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and others. Additionally, the mineral resource programs and meetings were sponsored by ExxonMobil and Shell. While it may not surprise some, it surprised me. The United Nations had always been an organization for the people, or so I thought. In truth, I discovered the U.N. was nothing more than a corporation who has successfully divided our world, subverted the commonwealth and worked in partnership with the banks and energy companies. It was a disturbing day indeed.

After having gone through this rollercoaster of discovery I found myself sitting un the United Nations Conference Room XIX, one of only two assembly halls to display the U.N. logo.

I’m not sure what prompted me to do it, but instead of just taking pictures I decided to make a speech. Waiting for the people who were coming and going to slow down, I setup my camera, remotely controlling it from my phone. To get my audio clear, I used my cellphone as my audio mic, making the speech you see here.

While it was unscripted and impromptu, it generally embodies a dream I have. The dream is of a society where we remove the middle men and the systems that seek to take without giving. I imagine a world where the tools of technology serve and empower people to do rule themselves.

Imagine, we could use our phones to vote, conduct local and global commerce, communicate, send money and even more. While this already exists, it is my belief that we must create a new platform for society, a subsystemm that supports a free and democratic world.

The subsystemm is nothing more than a way for the world to operate unencumbered, without those seeking to profit from the masses. In a world where we the people are continually forced into servitude for a system that only serves the few, the subsystemm serves the many. No one voice greater than another. Everyone given equal rights and equal access to tools of technology that were once only the province of the privileged.

I’ve traveled the world and seen what is to become of us if we do not rule ourselves. Once I believe that organizations such as the United Nations served the people, and I am sure in some respects they do. But, it is my belief that we no longer need organizations and entitys to serve us, simply a system that enables the world to operate more efficiently and fairly.

With these thoughts in mind I made this speech. This is a calling to others who see the things I do. I need help. We need help. I cannot build this alone. I am certain i’m not the only one who see’s this moment in time as critical and important. It is time for us to come together, to work together. It is time to take back our world.

To verify my statements, do your own research. You can see some of the U.N. sponsors here.

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