As We May Govern…

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Why is it that people are so set on letting others represent their voice? To willingly give control of their lives to another without at least taking a moment to consider that they are fully capable of making decisions of their own?

Not to say that all people are this way. No, it seems to me that as more and more people awaken to the reality that those they consigned consensus to are not working in the best interests of all, but rather the few. It seems like a slow morning where we awaken dreary eyed to discover the day is dark and gray. 

The dark gray day has arrived and despite best efforts to hide all must awaken from their slumber. Yes, it seems that in this particular time in history all have and are becoming painfully aware that the ones they thought cared do, but not for them.

Since about the year 2000 I’ve been aware that something was amiss. Wanting to see a better place where truth rose above the ashes of lies, I turned my mind to consider what was causing this divide. The divide being that of the peoples will and those which claim to represent the people.

To my bleak discovery America is not a Democracy. Some call it an Oligarchy. Some call it a Republic. I’d like to call it a Capitalists Theocracy. Yes, the religious worship of money and those with it, the new and all-powerful Gods. Desperate, wanting to believe that humans can and could achieve something better, I focused my mind to the solutions and causes of the problems. In this time I spoke with many who laughed at my ideas and even more who did not care.

Some time long ago this thought came to me of how to make a real and complete change. The thought started as a word, the word was subsystem. The word became an idea. The idea was this:

In order to change the system one must go into the system and learn the system. Then once learned, one must leave the system to create a new one. Then, to truly change the system one must go beneath the system. That to truly change things we must go beneath the system in order to create a new system that which the world may rest upon. That system, the system that came to my mind is called the “Subsystem”.

Imagine a system of order in which there is no government. A system of government, of the people, by the people, for the people. A system that takes into consideration all of the great learning’s of antiquity while bringing the benefits of technology to modern society.

While we sit on our computers, reading our phones, laughing at videos, liking, loving and sharing, in our technology euphoria many do not consider that these seeming toys are actually tools, tools that can make a new framework for society.

Subsystem has several components that are, as I consider them, a new form of fundamental social rights; Communications, Community, Consensus and Commerce. These four categories cover several areas, but make the main foundation of the subsystem.

To be specific, the subsystem is simply a platform which is given away to people worldwide. Communities can freely adopt this system, which is simply a code. The code, not yet written, would be open source and freely distributed. This system is empowered and enabled because of technologies like mobile smart phones, biometric authentication and data encryption.

It would be a system that saw communications as a fundamental right of humanity, along with commerce. Yes, these two things are rights in the modern world. Equally important is peoples right to voice and vote, or consensus. Essentially, the subsystem takes several modern commercial tools and creates free and publicly distributed versions of them. 

This seems impossible to some, but in the future I see entire societies running themselves on this system. Imagine, a community created bank and currency that the people controlled. Their money safely stored in a digital vault that they could choose to share with others. Their local currency could be globally traded with other local currencies, just like current systems, except that communities, not banks, control this.

The subsystem would be a system of order within order. Recognizing the fundamental necessity of governments role in executing public interest functions, the subsystem would have layers for local, state, regional and national voting, whereupon the people would engage in public policy decisions directly, without representation. The subsystem is a way forward for democracy, banking, currency, communications and humanity. 

Knowing that the future holds innovations with technology that may perhaps remove the fundamental functions of work, replacing people with robots, there is a need to consider a new world where the problems of our ancestors are not the problems of today. Considering that the world will enter an era where the idea of employment must be reconsidered, the subsystem becomes a way in which we empower every individual with tools that make them equal amongst all.

Commerce, one of the most fundamental interactions of humanity, is a right of all. That in history there were marketplaces where strangers became friends simply by sharing the common goals of a buyer and seller. These marketplaces slowly became privatized and replaced, only to emerge again in the modern form of Buy, Sell, Trade hyper-local marketplace groups in communities on social network platforms such as Facebook.

The way forward is to not discard our old systems, nor is it to revolt. The way forward is to recognize our globally shared new set of problems and possibilities, moving forward together by evolving how we may govern.

The subsystem, a system of order where there is no government and all voices heard. We are a global community of local communities. We must see something greater for ourselves, something beyond the world we live in today. 

Might we all recognize that we must redefine value, work and community. What roles we play in each others lives should not and shall not be controlled by the few. We must reconsider value, community and what it is to even work. It is time to evolve our world, and to our best efforts, leave no one behind.

That we may come together despite our differences so that we can build a world where all life is valued. A world where divisions are broken down, communities are created and problems solved, together.

As we may govern. As we may think. As we may come together. For every private function, may there be a public. For a truly free world participation must not be obligatory, but rewarded.

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