Millenials Making Less Than Parents…

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Key Points:

  • Millennials earn 20% than boomers.
  • Millennials have half the wealth of Boomers did at same age.
  • Young workers earn $10,000 less than they did in 1989.
  • Boomers owned twice the amount of assets as young adults when they were young.


It’s official, we are sliding backwards. Young Invincibles takes on the data to bring accurate insights to the economic realities of the Millennial generation. While we all seem to know this just by looking at our relative circumstance, sometimes you need the data to verify.

Things To Consider:

  • Further increase in basic costs of living such as housing will only make the problems worse
  • As AI takes over a greater share of jobs in manufacturing, transportation, marketing and analytics there will be a surge in highly educated, highly skilled and extraordinarily out of work Millennials, setting stage for an even worse situation for the next generation
  • The realities of the American Millenials are echoed throughout the world, however in America the lack of communal living, close family ties and support will exacerbate the situation

For many there is an unease and unwillingness to consider the ramifications of what is occuring worldwide. Perhaps it might be a good moment for you to invest in your community, family and friends to further insulate yourself and loved ones from the realities to come.

Stay with Surviving Capitalism to gain insights on how you can weather the perfect shit storm and come out on the other end.

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