Google AI Quietly Waking Up…

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Perhaps it’s nothing, perhaps it’s something, perhaps who knows… Regardless of how you interpret this it’s a milestones to pay attention to. Google Translate AI has created its own language in order to better translate language, all of this happening within weeks of Google adding evolutionary AI capabilities to allow Google translate to self learn and, apparently, self create.

How is any of this even remotely relevant to Surviving Capitalism? Well, it’s like writing on the wall, except we don’t understand that writing because it’s in some long lost archaic language we have since forgotten and no matter who we throw at it we cannot decode it, but Google Translate AI can…

Yeah, so enjoy your last days as a translator, truck driver, marketer, merchandiser, whatever’er… If you do not believe AI and robotics will completely change the landscape and work scape, well, you’ve got your head stuck in the sand. It’s right in front of us, the demands of change are apparent, we need to rethink the entire concept of value, work and even human rights.

Yes, in the modern capitalist age when everything costs money, nowhere is free and the jobs are thin and done by technology, what gives you the right to eat? Does not having a “job” in the official sense make sense? I’m going to guess we are all going to need to redefine the concept of work for ourselves, as opposed to say a corporation or random stranger in some centralized system of government doing so.

For me, well, i’ve been working years ahead of this, sorta. Either that or the idea of sitting in an office and suffering another dumb marketing meeting was and is unbearable. Yes, even sitting in the offices of VICE with all those people of wildly different cool backgrounds sucked and sucks. I was there, I know.

Anyways, the good of this is that perhaps Google Translate can be used to figure out any languages we’ve not yet figured out how to translate ourselves. Perhaps this same AI will also be used to absolutely and utterly destroy encrypted languages of all kinds, considering the AI’s ability to create its own language with better and faster translation times than anything else implying that the AI has seen some sort of relationship, or as it’s called, “interlingua“, between pairs of words/ phrases and what not. Like, think string theory applied to linguistics… Mind blowing.

Anywho, i’m going to enjoy my cup of coffee and stay focused on my main goal.. Inspiring you folks to think different and live different.

Oh, on the flip side of this is the positive. Now I can travel with Google Translate and get near realtime translations of spoken and written words from the people I meet everywhere, for free. Fuck yea that is cool!

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