Christmas, Capitalism & Christ…

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AEI’s Michael Strain does his best to put a good face on the topic of Christmas and Capitalism. The article, which seems to skirt around the impact of capitalism and social values and morals, asks the poignant question, “Does capitalism, and the consumerism it enables, have adverse effects on the moral character of individuals and society?” Only to drop the ball and skip entirely around it. It’s absolutely a question that deserves deep consideration for any of the religious folks out there.

Taking a genuine stab at this, i’d argue that capitalism runs against the basic morals and values of nearly all religions. It’s tendency to promote self interest and encourage people to be exploitive in the name of profits has corrupted modern American society, even turning law enforcement officers into profit machines writing tickets and fines to buffer municipal budgets.

The basics of christianity were kindness, caring, giving, sharing. To get really simple, Jesus went into a temple and flipped the tables, literally, on the money makers and bankers. He basically told them they were scumbags and to get out.

So there you go. AEI’s opinion fluff is to say that your religious values are safe in the arms of capitalism, until the time comes that it is not profitable…

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