Corporate Welfare, A History of Corruption…

Posted on 12/15/2016 by with 0 comments

The Cato Institute estimates there is around $100 billion in corporate welfare in the U.S. federal budget. Unsurprisingly the history of rampant corruption spawned by these programs is nothing new and a considerably negative byproduct of such programs. From Enron to HUD and even the Green schemes, the track record of corruption only brings the point of the negative impact programs to the surface.

Cato’s assessment of removing these programs is appropriate, although it is tempered by their belief that corporations should be allowed to lobby the government. Is it considerable to suggest that unless the individual wields as much might in their lobbying efforts as a multi-billion dollar corporation, that perhaps the outcome will inevitably lead to corporate corruption regardless of subsidies or not?

A separation of state and capital, as such suggested by Thomas Jefferson in regards to separation of state and religion might be appropriate considering that corporations are now the modern day equivalent in many regards to the multi-national religious powers of yesterday.

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