False Gods. The Worlds Obsessions With Business Leaders

Posted on 12/14/2016 by with 0 comments

Somewhere along the way we lost our gods, our super heroes and are virtuous gurus. We traded it all for greater margins, bigger contracts, shiny new anything. Anything that was tangible, investable, profitable. But where do we stand in our blind faith of our spread sheet leaders? Has the world become better at the hands of business, or just better at playing with numbers?

Elizabeth Simet of The Atlantic bringing a perspective deserved of more attention, summarizing it all with a quote from Kaine… “”You know, Mr. Bernstein,” he tells his loyal business manager, “if I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.” Bernstein, for his part, characterizes Kane as “a man that lost—almost everything he had.””

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