Tracking Banks Dodgy Deals, Dakota Access Pipeline…

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If a bank finances destruction and nobody knows about it, did it really happen?..

Tie to start paying close attention to the financiers of environmental destruction. Instead of bothering to wait for things to happen, let us begin to use the tools of technology to look ahead and capture the dirty deeds upfront.

For instance, The Dakota Access Pipeline has been sidelined for the freak show that has become the American Political scene. Those financiers of the project have just won an election that would of favored them left or right, delivering a blow to those fighting for commonwealth and sovereign landrights in America.

Do you know the list of financiers, the very people set to profit on the destruction of the land? Let me introduce to you the Banks and institutions behind the project, and give you a useful tool to see whose behind the less savory projects in your country. Introducing Bank Track Dodgy Deals, my new favorite research tool. Below is a preview of the perps… My only regret is that Greece is not on the list of countries whose banks we can track. Hopefully soon.



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