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Thank you for being part of this site and for taking the time to read the stories we’re bringing to light. As you may or may not know, this is not the only Surviving Capitalism site out there and we’d like to first give a nod to the fine work of the original Surviving Capitalism Blog, www.survivingcapitalism.blogspot.com.

When we started this site we were not aware of the efforts of those before us outside of some basic investigation into the domain being available. If you’d like a thorough, intellectual and consistently well curated blog we strongly suggest you visit the site. To be clear, we are not affiliated with them, only admirers of the work done by those before us.

Surviving Capitalism, as it currently exists, is not about highlighting whats wrong with this world. While it is so blatantly obvious to anyone whose not buried their head in the sand, the system is failing and it is not working for many of us, included this sites editor. The efforts of this media project/ news outlet and soon to come documentary series is to share the stories of people in their day to day lives and how they’re making it through.

Originally, this project began in the very small city of Beacon, NY. The sites editor was making a concerted attempt to find a way to live and exists without being a capitalist. In some small ways it was effective and led to a social media project called The Beacon Experiment.

The Beacon Experiment (TBE) is a free project for the community of Beacon, NY. Based on Facebook Groups, TBE is a series of hyperlocal groups for verifiable local community members to buy, sell, trade, barter, find work, share services, talk and collectively use social media technology as a community tool to make life easier on each other, without money, or with, depending on the needs of the users.

TBE was so successful that it inspired me to travel overseas to share these ideas with others, specifically in Greece. Seeing the potential for this idea to transform lives for people outside of the economy, or those without money, I thought I could share the findings with locals and refugees that have been flooding the doorstep of the small European Union nation.

While I was traveling during this time I began to ask people questions about what happened in Greece, documenting the perspectives of locals, only to find a consistent trend of people struggling to survive. The most interesting aspects of these interviews was how people were getting through the economic struggles and still leading happy lives.

Surviving Capitalism was born out of  both my personal struggles of surviving as well as the stories of others. This project is more about how we can collectively work together to live in a new way outside of existing systems by using the tools of technology blended with old world communal practices, and by doing so, we can help make our communities more resilient.

So please stick around as we will soon be sharing the stories of struggle, triumph, kindness and understanding that face us all, worldwide. And, if you should happen to find yourself with an interesting story, we want to hear from you!

Be it a story of triumph, or a story of struggle, we want to hear from you. Do you find yourself facing a faceless bad guy that only wants your cash and or maybe is putting you out on your ass? We want to hear from you!

Have an inside scoop on a corporate bad guy screwing people? We want to hear from you. Yes, we will literally come to you and help document these stories, share them and if we can, help you figure out how you can survive capitalism.

Surviving Capitalism is not funded by anyone, at least not yet, so if you appreciate our work and want to donate, we won’t stop you. Currently we are running ads on our site as these are the least invasive way we can put money into our project, although we’ve found that the thing which really helps us is not money, but you.

If you’d like to get involved in this project, be it story curation, a couch to crash on while we’re in town shooting a story, a meal, a plane ticket, a hug, it does not matter, please hit us up. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to come soon.

Want to contact us, you can email: survivingcapitalism at gmail dot com.

Thank you for being part of our efforts to make this world a more livable place for all.

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