Dubai Donates To Haiti Just As Haiti Announce $120 Billion In Oil Reserves…

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We were recently delighted to her how Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, personally donated and flew £250,000 of aid to Haiti in his private jet. This is the type of thing that makes this world a better place, and regardless if what inspired him to do so, we applaud this effort to alleviate suffering.


In the same breath, we have to ask ourselves was this a purely altruistic act or were there other underlying motivations. In a strange twist of technological wonder, not only did we hear of Sheikh Mohammed’s way awesome act, but we also heard about Haiti’s new discovery of oil reserves estimated to be worth $120 billion. This is the type of finding could transform a dirt poor nation.

One thing is for sure, Haiti needs help and whatever the motivation, Sheikh Mohammed gets some major cool karma for his acts of good will, and we encourage the wealthy world wide to take his example and run with out.

We’ll be watching this tory develop and encourage all eyes to pay close attention to the who, what, when and where of Haiti’s black gold finding. It is our hope that the wealth of a nation is distributed to its people, who are suffering, not to the private pockets of corporations and oligarchs.

It should be noted that UAE is also embracing green energy, not just fossil fuels.

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