How to save $900 by ditching you’re mobile plan…

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Use a smart phone and spend over $100+ a month on your bill? You can quickly lower your monthly cellphone bill by going prepaid mobile.

I went from paying $120+ a month to $45 a month. That’s over $900 a year in savings! You can lower your bill in most cases by enrolling in monthly auto-pay programs with your bank debit card.

Here’s how.

– Not under contract and own your phone:

Find your cellphone providers prepaid program and go purchase one of those neat prepaid mobile SIM card. In the U.S. the major cell providers all have prepaid programs.

While these come with less data than the normal accounts, by and large they’re comparable in quality and service. You’re iPhone or Android will work on these plans and it is likely you will not notice and difference in coverage and or connectivity.

Here’s links to the top mobile provider brands prepaid mobile offerings.


– Not under contract and don’t own a phone:

Prepaid mobile companies all sell cheap phones, be it an Android or flip, iPhones are still pricey. You can simply buy one or you can buy your own mobile phone that works on a providers network.

Walmart, RiteAid, CVS, Duane Reade, Best Buy and many other places sell these phones. Just buy one and get yourself a payment card.

– Under contract: 

Ditch that phone plan. Not even kidding. You can either pay a termination fee or tell them to fuck off. You don’t owe them anything and they’ve already made a ton of money off of you. That threat of you owing them is done so as to coerce you into staying with them. Sure, they’re going to make every attempt to claim you owe them money, but in the end it was never real.

Did you get a phone from them, perhaps renting it? If so, just return it. Make sure you change your bank debit cards and or credit cards prior to doing this so they can’t charge you. I strongly suggest you don’t “play by the rules” that they created, its just not a fair game.

You can save a bunch of money or the time you’d be spending to work those hours just to use your anti-social device in some random public place where you should otherwise be socializing anyways.

Is that too extreme? Ok, not everyone wants to take their capitalism survival strategy to the extreme. If you’re one of those more practical and level headed types, you can get out of termination fees and what not easily by telling your provider your cellphone service is not reliable and that you’re having issues. Make it a point to use your phone in locations with shitty service, as this will only validate your statements upon their research. That means parking garages and elevators are great places to make calls.

For more information getting out of contracts, check this article out on Informr.

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